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Symptoms of anxiety attack: How do I get rid of this feeling?

January 17, 2012

An anxiety attack is a state in which a person manifests all the symptoms of being in danger, accompanied with an excessive adrenalin rush.

The adrenalin glands are located above the kidneys, and have the role to relish adrenalin whenever the body is in danger. The increased adrenalin level in the blood makes the body work faster, think faster and react faster if it is found in a dangerous situation. Adrenalin can allow people to raise 200kg with no effort, pick up cars to free a trapped child or even many times faster than usual. It truly is a powerful substance!

The adrenalin is the one that increases the blood flow by rapid beats and thus improving human body performance. But, in the case of an anxiety attack, the body releases adrenaline essentially in error. This creates a state in which the body is shaking, the heart beats very fast, the body sweats all over, breathing becomes restricted, the person feels dizzy and even like they are going to die! Of course, although symptoms of anxiety attack can make you feel like you may be having a heart attack, this is not the case at all!

It is very difficult to treat such cases, and if you are not a sufferer imagine that these people feel like they are above a cliff in which they are about to fall. It feels very real, and it is difficult to convince the body that it’s not true when it sees the bottom of the abyss. I can tell you this from personal experience – I suffered from symptoms of anxiety attacks for a long time

Let me tell you that the road to recovery can be difficult, but great achievements can come by determination.

But more important than even determination is knowledge – and the right information is essential if you are to cure yourself of this terrible disorder.

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