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How to Stop Anxiety Attack Symptoms

January 17, 2012

Let me take you on a bit of a journey to show you that you are not alone in your fight against anxiety attacks and generalised anxiety, and to provide you with a really powerful solution to put you on the right track to cure anxiety attacks and get your life back.

To begin with, watch the following video to see if it sounds like what you are going through:

Does the video highlight a situation you have found yourself in? Did you feel uneasy or anxious just from watching this video? Don’t be concerned if you did – this is completely normal and expected.

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Even though I have leaned to control my own anxiety attacks, I can honestly say that every time I watch this presentation I can still feel a pang of unease, as if off in the distance, as it reminds me all too well of the horrifying experiences I have had with anxiety attack symptoms.

Take a look at the header of my site, right at the top of the page. What does it say?

“Knowledge Is Your Weapon Against Panic”

Through my own personal experience I can tell you with hand-on-heart that this statement is the absolute truth. Yes, many people will need the aid of medication at least for a while to get their mind and body in the right place so that they can take on the new information and apply it, but I am telling you now that understanding anxiety attacks, their causes, how they actually manifest themselves, what they actually are and how they affect your physiology, and most importantly how you can defeat them, is the most important thing you must do to overcome anxiety attacks.

Some people like myself who have a chemical imbalance in the brain require some level of medication long term. But medication alone can not cure the problem. I know, because I have been on medication for years!

Over time, what has absolutely been the key to my recovery is knowledge and understanding. You need to truly get inside the problem, truly understand it and spend time reflecting on it in order to come to the conclusions you need to beat this thing and to cure anxiety attacks. Now I know this sounds all very new age and fluffy. But I can assure you it is not. I am a logical and intelligent person. I never give up on any problem I encounter, and this was no different with my anxiety attack symptoms. But in order to get to the point where you can start working on the problem, you truly need to understand it and how to beat it.

Let me tell you about an information product called Panic Away. Panic Away contains the basic, yet powerful, knowledge that one should have about panic and anxiety attacks, as well as complete descriptions of symptoms and possible causes. Most importantly, it teaches you proven methods to cure anxiety attacks and get your life back. The author, Barry Joe McDonagh, looks carefully at all the risk factors that can expose one person more than another to experience anxiety attack symptoms and identifies links between daily life and these debilitating episodes.

What the product does in 147 pages is ultimately provide solutions for all people that are suffering from anxiety attacks who believe there is no hope or no way out. Let me be very clear here. I have spent a long time understanding anxiety attacks – both through my own experiences and through a culmination of months of research in medical, psychological and behavioral disciplines. Panic Away is by far the most comprehensive, structured and successful body of work I have ever found on the subject of anxiety attack symptoms and most importantly, how to manage and cure anxiety attacks.

I have often thought of writing my own book on anxiety attacks and generalised anxiety disorders as I believe I have a lot of knowledge to offer sufferers (as I was once in the same situation) and I know how to short-cut the learning curve and put people on the path to recovery. To be completely honest, the one reason stopping me from sitting down and putting pen to paper is Panic Away. It is so good, and covers so much valuable material I would have written anyway, that there is no need for me to write my own work.

Instead I started this blog to help people understand anxiety attacks, and most importantly to promote Panic Away to suffers because IT WORKS. It is the best program I have found anywhere on how to cure anxiety attacks. Period. Check out all the testimonials from people that have been helped by Panic Away by visiting their website.

Let’s take a look at another video of an anxiety attack situation:

How about that one? Is that a situation you can resonate with?

In a practical sense, the author of panic away takes you through an entire day in a normal life of an anxiety attack sufferer. He investigates all the major fears you are experiencing and explains to you, step-by-step, how to deal with each and ultimately how to beat anxiety attacks.

The book also refers to phobias and shows some case studies to confirm the fact that the program actually works.

I think a closer look at the Panic Away program might be helpful for you, so let’s do that now.

The first part of the book lists out real-world causes and risk factors that can determine the extent to which a person suffers from anxiety attacks. The author then takes every one of these cases, and explains how it can effect anxiety attack sufferers and how to avoid critical stress factors. This is an excellent place to start arming yourself with knowledge as your weapon against anxiety attacks.

After this brief introduction, the author gets straight into step-by-step, proven procedures to control and beat anxiety attacks.

Step one teaches the anxiety attack sufferer how to build self trust and how to eradicate the basis of an anxiety attack. This is very important indeed. Most explanations include excellent examples to illustrate the important points and every term is explained closely so that you can understand what you really need to know.

You must understand, as a critical step, that every aspect of an anxiety attack is part of a fear cycle. The author goes to great lengths to explain just waht this means and how every symptom you experience is linked to each other which creates the power of an anxiety attack. Most importantly, Barry Joe McDonough expertly shows you just how to disrupt this circle – how to finally be free!

The next tier of learning and beating anxiety attack symptoms is acceptance. Though it might sound fairly untrue, it is actually possible and absolutely necessary to accept what you are going through in order to cure anxiety attacks. This is one of the most important aspects (in my experience) to recovering from a panic disorder. Don’t believe the hype of others though – this is not an easy thing to do.

Luckily, the Panic Away program presents a proven formula to achieving just that – full acceptance. It is actually the same formula I discovered through extensive research and I can tell you now that it worked for me! If only I would have known about Panic Away first, I would have saved myself a lot of heartache for sure!

Once a person accepts what is happening, he takes total control over his body, and this step helps you to do that, and also to prevent anxiety attacks from happening to you in the future.

Step three of Panic Away reveals the fact that perseverance is the key to success, and in regressions, there is always progress. Yep, even if you regress in your self-treatment (and you will!) you must understand that you are actually progressing. Sounds counter intuitive but it is true – and this section of the program expertly explains why and how to use this fact to your advantage and leverage your recovery progress.

Again, every detail is explained for you to understand exactly what is going on and exactly what you need to do. This chapter shows every symptom, for every sign of regression, and even how to cope with some things that might sound easy to others, like going to sleep, but I know from experience can be extremely difficult for an anxiety attack sufferer.

The simple and effective technique that the author uses is very easy to apply, does not cost you any money, and you can do it every night before going to sleep.

What I find great about the program is the constant use of real world case studies in the fight to stop anxiety attacks. I always learn faster when I can see real examples, and the author of this program clearly understands that many other people learn better in this way as well. It is also helpful as you will be constantly saying to yourself ‘hey, that sounds just like me!’. This provides very powerful support to help you get through this.

Now, don’t just think that this is as simple as step one two and three. The steps that you are willing to take are very hard to accomplish, and as the author says, trust is most important in such a situation.

But what about the book, does it actually work?

The answer is a simple yes and no. Why? Because, what works for some, may not work for others. However this book uses the best top five techniques I know of to learn how to control your anxiety attacks, and to eventually beat them altogether. You can be sure that you will no longer be afraid of having anxiety attack symptoms after going through this program, and to me that is priceless!

Panic Away provides a very detailed procedure on how to rid yourself of anxiety attacks and how to continue your life like a normal person.

This program is terrific if you are already in some form of therapy or not. If you go to therapy it can be of real assistance to use at home, because you will learn something new about how to keep your body in your own hands, and it may also reinforce what you are learning at therapy. If you are going this alone, this is a great guide too as it contains absolutely everything you need to cure yourself of anxiety attacks.

Remember, knowledge is your weapon against anxiety.

As the author clearly states up front, what may work very well for some may not work for others. All I can say is this is the best program I have ever read on treating anxiety attacks (and trust me, I have read a lot of them) – you just have to try every chance that you have to control your anxiety attacks.

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